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Do you like candy? These are the TOP CANDIES OF ALL TIME

How much do you like candy?

Do you go for the standard chocolate choices from Hershey’s or Mars, or are you more of a Whole Food’s or Trader Joe’s aficionado?

It may just be sugar, but whether you go for Chocolate, Fruit, Mint, or some other interesting flavor is all a personal choice.


But for candy snobs, there is GOOD candy, and there is GREAT candy.


Click the link to browse the full list of over 100 different candy types and brands, and let us know if you agree or disagree with their ranking.  Frankly, we see no issue with what clocked in at #1 on this list:

  1. Anything that contains 70% or more cacao chocolate
  2. Aerated chocolate
  3. Altoids
  4. Hard toffee
  5. Anis de Flavigny.  Here, we disagree. Fennel should never be considered a candy ingredient.
  6. A lollipop larger than your head. (Giada, surprisingly, does qualify in this category but is not specifically mentioned.  If she was, then this line item should rank much, much higher.)
  7. Atomic fireballs
  8. Black sugar candy
  9. British toffee
  10. Parma Violets
  11. Cadbury Creme Egg
  12. Candy dots on paper
  13. Candy corn.  Seriously? Candy corn is horrible, and shouldn’t be on this list at all, let alone ranked as high as it is here.
  14. Carob.  Again, carob is not chocolate, so why is it pretending to be?
  15. Cherry & Coconut
  16. Chocolate coins. Gelt.
  17. Cacoa nibs
  18. Cherry Cordial
  19. Chocolate covered dried fruit
  20. Chocolate covered espresso beans
  21. Chocolate covered insects

    Honestly, these last few items should just be lumped together under “chocolate-covered stuff” rather than being separate lines.  Cheating, we say.

  22. Chocolate from different countries.
  23. Chocolate fudge
  24. Chocolate truffles
  25. Chupa Chups lollipops

And clocking in at #26 is CIRCUS PEANUTS?  Really?  That’s where we kinda lost where this list is going.

Some other highlights from the full list include:

  • Nestle Crunch at #32
  • Gummi Bears at #41
  • Hershey Kisses at #43
  • M&Ms at #56
  • unbranded, homemade Buckeye Balls clocked in at #76 — ahead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which are essentially the same concept, at #87. Ha!

How many of these Ultimate Candies have you had?