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Be creative this Halloween. Don’t be *that* guy.

Tiger Woods Halloween Costume
Tiger Woods Halloween Costume

This year, Halloween falls on a weekend – which means that we have at least 2 days of Halloween costume party antics to go through compared to the normal 1.

All Web Watch asks is that you don’t go as ONE OF THESE OVERDONE, OVERUSED CLICHE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES this year:

  • Tiger Woods, circa Thanksgiving 2009.  If your costume is 11 months out of date, then you’re 11 months out of touch.
  • Don Draper.  Trust us – you’re not as cool as he is.
  • Neytiri from Avatar.  Again, that was sooooo last year.

Be creative.  Be original.  When people see you , they should INSTANTLY know who you are.

  • Antoine Dodson. The fact that we’re going to make you Google this one should be proof enough that it’s a worthwhile costume.  Trust us – you’ll know it when you see it.
  • Try to be timely — a Brett Favre jersey and a cell phone can work wonders for you
  • Why not be a Chilean miner?  It may be too late to grow a 60+ day beard, but the costume shop is still open, bucko.
  • Feeling a bit creative, constructively?  Web Watch highly recommends dressing as the ZINGBOT 3000.  ZZZZIIINNNNNGGG!