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Halloween Poll: What is this year’s “IT” costume going to be?

A Christmas StoryIt’s that time again.

Time for creative-minded folks to start thinking about what they want to slap together for Halloween.

And this year, with Halloween falling on a Saturday, you just know that the costumes have to be more amazing than ever.

Oh sure, there will be the standard “couples” costumes that cutesy dating couples have to do:  Jon & Kate should be a favorite (put on an Ed Hardy shirt and walk around brooding, and you’ll win first place).  Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and the Octomom will make their appearances as well.

But here are the important things to remember when putting together your Halloween costume:

  • It should be readily apparent who you are without the use of props.
  • Use of props requires the use of your hands.  Hands are better suited for holding beer and food than they are holding onto some stupid prop that nobody cares about anyway
  • If you can’t sit, walk through a doorway, eat, drink, or pee while in your costume (or can’t do those without assistance), then your costume is way too complicated, bulky, or inconvenient.
  • It should either be “sexy” (sexy nurse, sexy referee, sexy cop – all good choices), or it should be funny or unexpected.
  • Don’t be “that guy” who buys the last pre-packaged costume available at the Halloween store.  You’ll end up walking around with that “Free Mammogram” costume that nobody likes anyway.

But since Web Watch likes to be ahead of schedule on this – we thought we’d throw out another option:  the costume should be practical.

That is, it should be something that you can wear more than once a year.

Which is why we present what should be this year’s most awesome Halloween costume:  PINK BUNNY PAJAMAS.

And just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, you too can shoot your eye out with the bunny pajamas and a Red Ryder shotgun.  (The required shotgun does fail the “no prop” clause above, but when you’re wearing an awesome pink bunny suit, a rule or two can be broken.)

Order now in time for the holidays – they come in three sizes, and start at $109.

Web Watch is considering getting them for the whole family.  Should make for a great holiday photo.