How Far Would You Travel to Get to a McDonald’s?

McDonald's GrimaceA McRib.  A Shamrock Shake.

These are at least two things that people get hankerings for from their local McDonald’s. Things that people will go out of their way to make sure they get when they know it’s on the menu.

So it all begs the question:  how far would you travel to get to a McDonald’s?

The answer?  Not as far as you might think…with a maximum distance of about 145 miles.

How do we know this?  Because Stephen Von Worley is one of those curious people with a hankering for some easily-accessible fries.  He didn’t want to be caught in a fry-less situation.

So he obtained a geographic-coded listing of 13,000 McDonald’s locations across the country and BUILT A MAP SHOWING ALL THE U.S. McDONALD’S LOCATIONS.

Once the map was made, he discovered that there were certain density areas where there were tons of McDonald’s located, and some rather sparse areas as well.

The furthest away you can get from a McDonald’s is near the small towns of Meadow, Usta, and Glad Valley, South Dakota.  If you stumble into that area, you’ll be about 2.5 hours driving time removed from the closest civilized place – and by “civilized” we mean “under the Golden Arches”.