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How to Travel Germ-Free: The Sleep Sack

As we’ve all seen the local news stories during sweeps week, or on practically any episode of CSI – some hotel rooms can be filled with nasty germs and bugs.

That’s where THE SLEEP SACK comes in.

You always see a few people in the airport, carrying their own pillows with them.  For them, either the hotel pillows are never good enough, or perhaps there’s a hypo-allergenic reason to bring one’s own pillow with them.

And while travellers often fear the pillow bug, for the most part, one  never thinks much about the hotel room’s bed linens.  Sure, the coverlet may be a little nasty, but you’re not supposed to use that as a blanket anyway.  Just throw the coverlet on the floor like everyone else does.  The sheets should be clean, right?

Most of the time, sure.  Especially in the nicer hotels that have sheets for the sheets, and double-wrapped pillows.

But we can’t always stay in those high-end hotels with the chocolates on the pillows and the free bottle of water on the desk. Sometimes we have to stay at a roadside motel just a few miles outside of town off the main highway, where you feel icky walking around the hotel room in your bare feet and wonder why you never bring slippers with you.

That’s where the SLEEP SACK comes in.  It’s your own personal sheet set, sewed into a basic sleeping bag shape, allowing you to sleep in strange hotel rooms without actually having to sleep touching what could be something you find icky.  Use it in hotels, hostels, airport lounge areas, the fraternity house that you have to crash in…. anywhere you want to sleep in your own sheets.

Some sleep sacks have built-in pillow sections, allowing you to protect your head from resting on a strange pillow.  They even have two-person sleep sacks available.  When not in use, they roll-up into a tidy carrying case that can be slipped into your suitcase.