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Traveling abroad? Don’t forget to pack your doorstop!

If you’re anything like Web Watch, you’ve done a fair amount of traveling over the years.

And with all that traveling, you may have found that you have specific habits or tricks of the trade that you’ve figured out along the way.

For us, it’s that we always have to travel with a fresh crossword puzzle and a pen.  The goal is to finish the crossword puzzle before the end of the flight.

Easy, right?   Sure, we have other oddities in our carry-on luggage:  a pair of dice being one of the more unusual items to have, but it goes along with the deck of cards.

You never know when you’re going to end up needing a deck of cards.

Rick Steves Italy
Rick Steves Italy

Jodi has traveled all over the world by herself, and over the past four years has amassed a huge list of 21 Practical Travel Tips that she feels are worthwhile for all fellow globetrotters to consider, whether you’re a seasoned airport veteran or just going off on your first adventure.

For example, there are four items you should always pack: a safety whistle, a door stop, a headlamp, and a sleep sheet.  Web Watch has covered the importance of a sleep sheet in the past, and the headlamp can always help you discover bedbugs along the way.

A doorstop, however, is ingenious.  It’s not meant to block one’s hotel room door, but to provide a little bit of security in advance warning of one’s door opening up unexpectedly.

Some of the other tips she presents:

  • Don’t worry about whether you’ve packed everything you need.  Seriously – there are stores practically everywhere you can go in case you need something.  This doesn’t mean that you should travel so light that you have to go shopping as soon as you reach your destination, but you shouldn’t be panicking about remembering every little thing
  • Don’t plan so much or so far ahead that you leave yourself no time to enjoy yourself.  Or, to put it in terms that Web Watch understands: don’t try to do all of Walt Disney World in 2 days just because you can.  Take a moment to breathe.
  • Don’t skimp on underwear.  You don’t want them falling apart as you travel. Which reminds Web Watch of Teri and Ian on CBS’s The Amazing Race, and how they wore paper underwear – in part due to it’s lightness and packability when you’re racing around the world for $1 million.

Be sure to pop over to Jodi’s site and check out the other 18 practical travel tips that will make your adventures much easier to bear.