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Looking for bedbugs? Check here first…

We’re deep into the holiday travel season right now, and if there’s one thing that everyone should be careful about is what’s going on in those over-populated hotel rooms.

A little bit of hand sanitizer can go a long way in preventing a tiny bout of norovirus, but there are some things that hand sanitizer won’t take care of:


The ZappBug Oven - Kills 100% of Bed Bugs with Heat
The ZappBug Oven – Kills 100% of Bed Bugs with Heat

And if there’s anything you can do to help your fellow traveller out, it’s by sharing what you know about BED BUG INFESTATIONS by posting your insight at the BED BUG REGISTRY.

Just look up your hotel destination and see if there have been any bedbug infestation reports from those businesses.   Of course, we have no idea whether these are validated submissions or not, but the reported trends definitely do show consistency with what we do know about bed bugs.

  • Biggest infestation is in the northeastern US.
  • Florida is popular for bed bugs, as is Chicago.
  • California (Los Angeles and San Francisco areas) as well as Seattle are also looking to be bed bug hotspots.

Let’s reiterate one line from the BED BUG REGISTRY’s FAQ page:

All our bedbug reports are submitted through the site, and have not been vetted for accuracy.  We do our best to flag posts that have been disputed, but we remind our readers to take things with a grain of salt.

Some reports are posted by malicious tenants.  Some are posted by evil competitors.  Some are posted by hypochondriacs

But some reports are perfectly valid. So if you happen to see your destination hotel listed on the site, you might want to be prepared with some BEDBUG PROTECTION.