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10% of all movie theaters have reported this problem that could scare customers away

Remember when Web Watch told you about the rise in bed bug infestations?

It ends up that things haven’t waned since we originally reported on that, and new reports show that BED BUGS ARE BECOMING MORE RAMPANT THAN EVER BEFORE.

BuggyBed Bed Bug Trap
BuggyBeds Bed Bug Trap
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According to a RECENT SURVEY FROM THE NATIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, bed bug rates continue to be high.

An aside – did you know that there is a NATIONAL BED BUG AWARENESS WEEK?

Here are some of the findings from their bedbug survey:

  • Over 99% of all pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year.  Think about this — if it’s not you they’re treating, it could be your neighbor.
  • Most bed bug infestations are residential
  • Outside the home, bed bugs are most often found in hotels, with 75% of hotels reporting some amount of bed bug activity

Other popular places where bed bugs run rampant:

  • College dorms – 47%
  • Nursing homes – 46%
  • Office buildings – 36%
  • Schools or Day Care Centers – 41%
  • Hospitals – 33%
  • Movie Theaters – 10%
  • Libraries – 12%
  • Airplanes – 2%
  • Laundromats – 9%