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Come Jump On The Bed With Me

The best thing about checking into some of the newer, higher-end hotels is that they really are promoting their “high-thread count linens” or “superior mattresses” (which some hotels will even sell to you at the end of your stay, if you absolutely loved your mattress so much that you just had to take it home with you).

The Radisson chain, for example, is promoting that they have the SLEEPNUMBER bed.  The last time I stayed at a Radisson, I didn’t find the SleepNumber Bed that remarkable, especially since the maid had lodged the controller between the bedframe and the headboard amongst all the evil hotel room dustbunnies that never seem to get vacuumed up. 


Perhaps if I had tried the bed at the SleepNumber store at the mall, like everyone else does, I would have had a better night’s sleep.

Still, not everyone who checks into a hotel room treats the room with the respect it deserves.  If you ever wondered where the hotel room mattresses get their lumpy shapes from, you need to check out BED JUMP.   Yes, it’s a photoblog of people – mostly, but not always, young college-aged women – jumping on their hotel beds.

Perhaps “jump” isn’t the right word.

Leaping.  Bouncing.  Traversing.  Trampolining.  All good descriptions for the action shots you’ll see in the blog.

If you want to bed jump the next time you’re in a fancy hotel room, all you need is a good take-off (with or without the assistance of the hotel-room furniture), an optional prop or two, and someone with some quick camera reflexes to take your caught-in-flight action shot.