Hey Buddy – Want to Buy a Used MP3?

Now that a new  iPhone is available, isn’t it time for you to go out and grab some nice shiny new MP3 files to use on the new iPhone?  You don’t want to use your old dingy files, you prefer that “new MP3” smell when the songs come fresh out of the store.

But the problem is that now you have a huge pile of MP3 files that you never listen to anymore, just gathering dust.  You’ve paid good money for them over at the iTunes or Amazon stores, and you’re not going to just throw them away.

What do you do?BOPABOO to the rescue! 

Sure, it’s in beta right now (and has been for a few months so far), but there is a chance that eventually you will be able to sign onto BOPABOO, upload your MP3 files that you would like to sell to their servers, and then start raking in the cash as other BOPABOO users browse through your collection and make purchases — just like you did with that crate of Barry Manilow CDs that you brought to the used record store a few weeks ago.

BOPABOO claims that they’re going to work with Amazon and iTunes to verify that you did actually purchase the songs that you’re uploading to sell, and they also say that they’re going to pay appropriate royalties to the rights holders (something that is currently missing from the used-CD selling process). 

All we have to do is wait for the beta period to be over and we can all log in and start selling some tunes to see if there is a secondary market for selling used MP3 files.  You might just find yourself having to deal with keeping those files yourself. 

It might not be that bad – you never know when you’re going to need to hear Vanilla Ice’s ROSTA MAN again.