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A Product Ahead Of Its Time: The Comfort Wipe

Comfort WipeApparently, for hundreds of years we’ve been handling toilet paper the incorrect way – with our hands. This is something those folks in India and other countries that don’t have sewage systems that can handle paper have known for years.

But that’s okay, since there is a solution:  The COMFORT WIPE.

Check out the Comfort Wipe commercial

When Web Watch first saw this commercial, we’ll admit – we snickered a little bit.  But we also recognize that there may be some people who actually need a product like this.  And as such, we’ll take a look at the commercial as if we were Billy Mays, television pitchman.

You know Billy – he’s the loud, bearded guy wearing the blue shirt and khakis trying to sell you Oxyclean and other $19.99 products on TV.  But he won’t make a commercial for just any product.  If Billy were to take on the challenge of remaking the Comfort Wipe infomercial, the Comfort Wipe would need to meet all five of Billy’s criteria:

  • Does it have the WOW factor?
    People who watch the above commercial certainly say “wow” when they see it.
  • Does it have MASS APPEAL?
    Yes – who wouldn’t want to never touch toilet paper again?
    Definitely, but not necessarily something the average TV viewer would want to see.
  • Does it SOLVE a problem?
    Yes, it’s a problem for a very specific audience, but a problem nonetheless.
  • Does it give the user INSTANT GRATIFICATION?
    How could it not?

So there you have it. It meets all five of Billy Mays’ criteria for selecting a product to sell; now all we have to do is convince Billy to put his own unique spin on the commercial, and the Comfort Wipe will be everywhere.  Heck, if this thing takes off, we might even see it come standard in all those fancy five-star hotel room bathrooms.

So don’t wait until Billy gets around to filming the commercial, if he ever does.  Go out and buy your very own Comfort Wipe today!