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Want to save the environment? Use a “pee rag”

Environmentalists are always looking for ways to save the planet.

Did you know that one of the biggest offenders for this earth’s destruction is our over-reliance on toilet paper?

Chances are, you’re not a “can you spare a square” kind of person.  You’re more of a “let’s wrap our hand up a few layers, and then add a few more layers on for protection” sort.  We know you.  You’re the one who can go through one of those Ultra-Large rolls in three days, just because you can.

And then you have the gall to continually complain about the lack of flushing power in your toilet tank.

And don’t get us started on whether you use your hand to wipe or not when we’ve seen THIS hanging around your bathroom.

Hey buddy – it’s not the toilet that’s the problem.  You’re throwing too much crap into the crapper.

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So what alternatives does Web Watch have for you?

Well, according to one advice columnist, if you’re just doing a little tinkle then there’s no need to use any toilet tissue whatsoever.

You should use a PEE RAG instead.

We know you’re going to ask.  WHAT’S A PEE RAG?

It’s just a washcloth, in essence, that you use to wipe up your urine area instead of dabbing with some toilet paper.   Washcloths are easily washed and are environmentally friendly.

Just keep a stack of cloths in the bathroom near the toilet, along with a small hamper with a lid for the used/dirty cloths.  Once a week, just take those pee rags and throw ’em into the washer.  Fold them, and start the pee cycle over again.

Why is this better than toilet paper for wiping up small amounts of pee?

Because when it comes to the amount of water it takes to both create toilet paper as well as dispose of it — environmentally, you’ll be using less water by using the pee rags.

So the next time you go to your friend’s house and they don’t have a stack of pee rags waiting for you, you can publically accuse them of being anti-environment.  Shame on them for wasting water unnecessarily.  Don’t they love the planet as much as you do?

Of course, you could always bring your own pee rag with you.

That might make for a more uncomfortable conversation.  Yeah – that’s the better option, don’t you think?