Save the environment: Pee in the Shower! (Everyone’s doing it!)

So remember a while back when Web Watch told you HOW MANY WOMEN ADMIT TO PEEING IN THE SHOWER?

Apparently, we were ahead of the pack with that information, as you may have guessed with this week’s revelation about the benefits that PEEING IN THE SHOWER can bring.

Don't Pee in the Shower
Don’t Pee in the Shower

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You can save the environment by watching Netflix

It’s true what the environmentalists say about technology – it’s here to ruin the Earth for years to come.

But that’s only part of the story.  What if we told you that technology could actually SAVE the Earth instead?

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime


Why Your K-Cup Coffee Habit Sucks

How much do you love your coffee?

Are you so totally addicted that you have to have a couple of cups of coffee at the drive-thru even before you get to the office, then brew your own “special” pot just because you can?  Do you have your own coffee station in your bedroom or master bathroom, because coffee is The Most Important Thing for your Morning?

Then maybe you’re one of those people who went out and purchased the KEURIG K-CUP COFFEE BREWING STATION, in part for the easy convenience of being able to brew a single cup of coffee without having to brew up an entire pot.

For households that have just one coffee drinker in the family, the Keurig system certainly makes sense.  Less mess, less waste.  How could this be a bad idea?

Biodegradable San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
Biodegradable San Francisco Bay Coffee
OneCup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

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Video Fun: Where in the World is Matt 2012

Web Watch has mentioned Matt Harding before – he’s the guy who struck upon the absolutely perfect “job”, if you want to call it that, of traveling around the world and dancing.

And not just good dancing.

We’re talking really bad dancing.

And he’s been able to turn this hobby into a paying career of travel, music, Internet viral videos, and just bringing a little bit of joy and happiness to everyone he meets.

It’s a world-trotting flash mob.

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Want to save the environment? Use a “pee rag”

Environmentalists are always looking for ways to save the planet.

Did you know that one of the biggest offenders for this earth’s destruction is our over-reliance on toilet paper?

Chances are, you’re not a “can you spare a square” kind of person.  You’re more of a “let’s wrap our hand up a few layers, and then add a few more layers on for protection” sort.  We know you.  You’re the one who can go through one of those Ultra-Large rolls in three days, just because you can.

And then you have the gall to continually complain about the lack of flushing power in your toilet tank.

And don’t get us started on whether you use your hand to wipe or not when we’ve seen THIS hanging around your bathroom.

Hey buddy – it’s not the toilet that’s the problem.  You’re throwing too much crap into the crapper.


Patrick Murphy loves dogs… but hates dog poop

Boulder, Colorado’s Patrick Murphy is a plant ecologist.

And like many of Boulder’s proud residents, Patrick is extremely environmentally conscious.  Being a plant ecologist and wanting to be environmentally-friendly sort of go hand-in-hand – but throw in the Boulder mystique, and Patrick’s really got something.

A disclaimer:  Web Watch loves Boulder.  We have a number of friends who live there, and we enjoy every opportunity we get to spend some time out there.

But like Austin, Texas’ reputation, Boulder is a bit quirky.

And that’s okay.   We like those folks anyway.  And Patrick does bring up a vitally important point that pet lovers around the world should take notice of:


Want to Stop Global Warming? Stop Having Sex.

Global Warming Resource KitThe LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS has put together a report entitled Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost that draws what should be an obvious conclusion:

Global warming isn’t an environmental thing, or a byproduct solely due to advanced technology or corporate carbon emissions.

Global warming is due to there being too many damn people in the world.  More people means more manufacturing and excessive gas or bad breath all contributing harm to the environment.

Their solution?  Stop breeding.