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Video Fun: Where in the World is Matt 2012

Web Watch has mentioned Matt Harding before – he’s the guy who struck upon the absolutely perfect “job”, if you want to call it that, of traveling around the world and dancing.

And not just good dancing.

We’re talking really bad dancing.

And he’s been able to turn this hobby into a paying career of travel, music, Internet viral videos, and just bringing a little bit of joy and happiness to everyone he meets.

It’s a world-trotting flash mob.

Where in the Hell is Matt? (Dancing Badly Around the World)
Where in the Hell is Matt?
(Dancing Badly Around the World)

He’s been able to do what everyone has always dreamed of – having fun.

The crazy thing is that it’s just a silly little idea.  He just filmed himself doing a little jig everywhere he went, edited it all together, and presto – eventually he ended up with a final video.

If only all vacation videos from your crazy Uncle Stan would come out half as good.

What about you – is there something that you do that you could film and edit together as you travel around the country or have your friends do as part of a larger vision that you may have?  Don’t think too hard about it — sometimes the best ideas are ones that just come about naturally.

Of course, it helps if you’re not a very good dancer.

And now, the 2012 edition of “Where in the World is Matt?”: