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The Family Bed: More than just sleeping happens there

Call it what you will: the FAMILY BED, COSLEEPING, or just being a parent who loves the comfort that sleeping near their children brings to them — sharing the parental bed as a family can be very beneficial to uniting the family unit – just as it may seem a bit unusual to those parents who don’t follow the same practice.

The Family Bed is different from having all the kids jump into the bed with their parents because they’re sick, had a nightmare, or are scared of the big thunderstorm that’s going on outside.

Web Watch will let our readers learn about what the Family Bed is – and isn’t – on their own.  We’re here to talk about it in a slightly different manner…

Did you know that 30% of Swedish mothers have sex with their partners while at the same time sharing their bed with their children?

To be fair, when we say “children”, the survey said “infant” – or, in other words – children who wouldn’t necessarily know what’s going on.

But it’s a Family Bed.  These things happen, right?

Well, maybe it’s not so unusual in Sweden, based on the other results of this Swedish sex survey, conducted by Swedish motherhood magazine, “mama”:

  • 4% have sex daily.  51% have sex just once or twice a month.  7% have sex just once or twice a year.  Poor Swedes, them.
  • 66% of mothers say that they’d like to have sex once or twice a week, even if they don’t end up doin so.
  • As for timing — 65% said their lovemaking sessions last between 15-30 minutes.  1% claimed (lied, we’re sure) about having sessions that lasted more than an hour.

So what about the US and their Family Bed situation?

A US Sex Survey said that 59% of US parents have had sex while their child was in the room.   On the other hand, 12% said that they’ve used their cellphones during sex.