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How many cloth diapers does one family need?

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New parents often have a dilemma to decide, sometimes even before they try to have kids in the first place: are they going to be a “disposable” family or a “cloth” family?

More and more, the trend in eco-friendly parenting is to go with the cloth diapers.  Technology has caught up to the absorbent fabrics being used, and they don’t have the stigma that going natural used to have in the past (“unexpected leakage” being the predominant concern).

A recent survey by DIAPER SHOPS (of course) has found the following trends in cloth diapering:

  • The most popular cloth diaper brand is bumGenius, followed by FuzziBunz
  • Only 1% of those using cloth diapers learned about them from their healthcare professional. The majority of cloth diaper-using parents were educated on them by friends and family
  • If you are a cloth diaper family, then you really are one. 79% of those using cloth diapers say that they never use disposable diapers.

The primary reasons that families decide to go with cloth diapers over disposable diapers is to save money (52% of respondants).  Other popular answers were “being more eco-friendly” and “for the baby’s health”.

As for how many cloth diapers does one need, most manufacturers say that the average family only needs to have about 20 cloth diapers available.  This recommendation is lower than what many cloth-favoring families have in their supply closet — 44% of those surveyed said they own 31 or more cloth diapers.