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Chicken Diapers: the perfect gift

Chicken Diapers.

We know.

There’s not much to it.  When one hears “Chicken Diapers”, you pretty much know what you’re going to get when you click the link.

Chicken Diapers
Chicken Diapers

Whether you visit the CHICKEN DIAPER WEBSITE, or order something from MY PET CHICKEN, pick up a HEN HOLSTER, PAMPER YOUR POULTRY, or even attempt to MAKE YOUR OWN CHICKEN DIAPER — the end result is the same:

You’re proving that there is a relatively large market for chicken poop containment devices, for those of you who like to urban farm or raise a pet chicken.

Seriously?  Do you know anyone who owns a pet chicken that would benefit from this?  And how do other chickens feel about fashion?