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Differences between American Parenting and the rest of the world

Kids today are often considered too coddled when compared to how older generations were raised.

Everything from “participation medals” to “no score soccer games” to “teachers not allowed to mark papers incorrect” because it might hurt someone’s feelings are all a bunch of hooey for parents who had to endure the trials and tribulations of growing up themselves.

Whether it’s government interference or parents’ desire to truly protect their children to the extent of possibly going too far doing so, today’s parents have many things to worry about when it comes to raising their children.

Gin & Juice: The Victorian Guide to Parenting
Gin & Juice: The Victorian Guide to Parenting


Video Fun: A collection of adorable pregnancy timelapse videos

Who doesn’t love watching adorable pregnancy time-lapse videos?

Here’s a collection of those that prove that other people are more creative and interesting than you are:

Time-Lapse Camera
Time Lapse Camera

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There’s a direct correlation between your health and your horoscope sign

“What’s your sign?”, he asks you at the bar.

Sure, it’s the cheesiest line you’ve heard all night, but considering you’re about to dive into a plate of nachos, it was not the cheesiest thing you encountered yet.

It’s odd that we’ve placed so much emphasis on the zodiac or horoscope sign we were born under, that there can be that much relationship between some made up calendar and the month that our parents just happened to have had a bit too much to drink.

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation: Two Parts
The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation: Two Parts


The ideal age for a woman to have a baby

How old is too old to have a child?   How young is too young to responsibly become a parent?

Would you have your first child when you were 50 years old, after the majority of your career has been handled?  Or would you like to have your first child when you’re fresh out of college at 21, putting your career on hold for a few more years until you can return to the workforce?

The Diaper Diaries: The Real Poop on a New Mom's First Year
The Diaper Diaries:
The Real Poop on a New Mom’s First Year

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20 Toddler Rules Every Parent Must Know

Web Watch has a number of friends who are just beginning the joy of parenthood.  For them, this post is for you as your journey begins.

(For those of you considering children in the future, let this be a warning. For those of you who have already successfully raised their children, you may sit back and laugh, nodding your head with the knowledge you have gained over the years.)

Making the
Making the “Terrible” Twos Terrific


The Ultimate Birth Announcement

Just like having a baby is a joyful, yet painful process, so can be sending out birth announcements after the event is over.

You’ve spent the better part of nine months (technically) telling people when your little Jellybean of Joy is going to join the party as part of the miracle of birth process — when all you really want to do is take a nap and catch up on some much needed sleep.

It's a Girl Birth Announcement
“It’s a Girl” Football Birth Announcement


How many babies are circumsized?

How many babies are circumsized in hospitals each year?

It can be a controversial conversation between new parents, to decide if circumcision is a procedure they want to put their newborn son through (if not for religious reasons).  Some women say that they prefer men who have been circumsized, while other women prefer those that aren’t.

There used to be a myriad of health reasons that would default the answer to circumsize, but in today’s health-aware world, those reasons are becoming less important – and many parents are choosing not to have their children go through the circumcision process.

The Circumcision Decision: An Unbiased Guide for Parents
The Circumcision Decision:
An Unbiased Guide for Parents


Strollers, car seats, and shopping carts are making your kids fat

Are your kids fat?

If you’re a normal, reasonable parent – chances are that you’re going to say, “no – my kids are not fat”.  Perhaps they’re merely big-boned, or still are working off their baby fat.

Think we’re crazy for even asking?  We don’t think so — One study published in the New York Times says that 10% of all children under 2 years old are overweight.  That 12.4% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old are obese.

If your child is obese at the age of 5 years old — and if obesity doesn’t run in your family genetically at that age — then maybe, just maybe, there’s something in the manner you’re raising your child that is contributing to their lardness.


Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller
Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller