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The WORST YouTube Videos, Ever

You know how you have all your friends sharing with you the most awesome VIRAL VIDEO that they’ve seen today?

Don’t you hate it when those viral videos that they think are awesome are some video that you’ve seen, like, TWO MONTHS AGO?

If the video is truly meant to be viral, everyone in the world would be talking about it at that moment in time.  Viral videos don’t take months upon months to reach saturation – they’re relatively instant when they hit.

But all viral videos have to start somewhere.  How would YOU like to be the FIRST PERSON TO SEE A VIDEO and then be the one to promote it?

You’d have FAME!

You’d have NOTORIETY!


Well, all videos start somewhere.  They all begin with ZERO VIEWS.  The question is, how do you discover what those low-viewing level videos are so that you can claim the ability to make them go viral?

That’s where PETIT TUBE come into play.

PETITE TUBE shares YOUTUBE VIDEOS that have LESS THAN 50 VIEWS EACH.  All you have to do is keep hitting refresh on your browser until you find The Video that you know will go instantly viral, if only it had gotten more exposure.

Sure, you’re going to have to sort through a literal ton of crap before you find that one shining gem.  And that crap will consist of the Worst Videos on YouTube.  After all, if the videos were any good, wouldn’t they have more than 50 views by the time you stumble upon them?