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Can you conquer the Hamburger Challenge?

Do you love hamburgers as much as we do?  It is the ultimate American food, after all.

Well, hamburgers and the ice cream sandwich.  And General Tsao’s Chicken.

And deep-fried Twinkies.  That’s about it, right?

But do you have the stomach to take on the TEN HAMBURGER CHAIN CHALLENGE?  That’s where you have to visit TEN HAMBURGER CHAINS in one day and eat THE MOST POPULAR combo meal at each one of them.

Sounds a little bit like the WENDY’S VALUE MEAL CHALLENGE we’ve told you about before, where you need to eat everything on the Wendy’s Value Meal menu in one sitting.  But this one has a little bit more of a challenge as you have to stay on the move.

The Ten Hamburger Chain Challenge

Chains attempted:

  • Jack in the Box
  • In-n-Out
  • Wendy’s
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Tommy’s
  • Astro Burger
  • Fat Burger
  • Burger King
  • Five Guys
  • McDonalds