This was the very first Photoshopped image

In today’s technology age, it’s easy to identify the history of certain things.

The first phonebook?  Hard to know.  The first wristwatch? Questionable.

The origin of the sandwich? We know the (supposed) story, but we aren’t able to pinpoint the exact ingredients or date that the sandwich was invented.


Which brings up to the CREATION OF PHOTOSHOP.  We know who wrote the original version, we have their story about how it came about.

But there has to be a first image that was ever edited in Photoshop, right?

It turns out, we know what that image is, and you’ve likely seen it already.

It’s a vacation photo taken in 1987 by the co-creator of Photoshop, John Knoll.  It features his topless wife sitting on a beautiful Bora Bora beach overlooking the ocean.  John calls this image JENNIFER IN PARADISE,

Do you have any photos that can claim any fame of being “the first”?