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Whatcha doing on October 6th? Why not take the Caine’s Arcade “Cardboard Challenge”?

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard the story about Caine Monroy and the arcade he made in his dad’s shop, where all the games were made entirely out of cardboard.

No?  It’s a phenomenal story.  Here – watch this, then continue…

It's cardboard. You know you want to buy some.

Good stuff, right?

Well, let’s continue with the story. Here’s PART 2 of the Caine’s Arcade story:

So what does this have to do with Web Watch readers?

All you need to do is set aside OCTOBER 6th to take on the GLOBAL CARDBOARD CHALLENGE.

All you have to do is make your own cardboard creation to celebrate your creativity and imagination.  It doesn’t have to be a game arcade like Caine built — as long as you’re creative and use the resources that you have around you, anything can happen!  The whole goal is to have fun with whatever creation you come up with.  It’s aGLOBAL DAY OF PLAY, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  (One day a year?  It’s a start…)

Web Watch wanted to tell you about the GLOBAL CARDBOARD CHALLENGE early so you still have some time to whip something together.  So go out there and recruit some 9-year-old kids, give them some masking tape, a pair of scissors, and a cardboard box and see what they’ll come up with.   If it’s good enough for Jack Black and his family, it should be good enough for you…