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The Monopoly World Championships Begin on October 20th!

Monopoly Wine CharmsThe 2009 MONOPOLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are taking place from Oct 20th – Oct 22nd.

International champions from 40 different countries will descend on Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace to compete for the coveted Monopoly Champion trophy, and a check for $20,580.

Web Watch knows what you’re wondering – why $20,580? It’s pretty easy:  $20,580 is the amount of money in the bank in every Monopoly board game.

Tournament rules don’t deviate too much from the traditional rules included in the board game.  Apparently, a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card can be sold for $50.  The complete Monopoly championship rules are available, for those interested in seeing what the differences are between a regular game of Monopoly and tournament rules.   No, they won’t be allowing you to collect money for landing on Free Parking.  You can buy or sell houses in between other players’ turns, however.

They are also using “speed die” rules.  The speed die is a third die that is rolled during any turn you have after you have gone around the board once.  The die has the following sides:  1, 2, 3, Mr Monopoly, a Bus, and another Mr Monopoly.

  • If you roll a 1, 2, or 3: this number is added to the numbers shown on the other two dice, allowing you to move faster around the board.
  • If you roll a three-of-a-kind of 1, 2, or 3: move to any space on the board.  Collect $200 if you pass GO.
  • If you roll a Bus: looking at the other two dice, you can decide to move the number of spaces shown on one die, the other die, or both dice together.  So if you rolled a 1 and a 5, you can move either 1, 5, or 6 spaces around the board
  • If you roll a Mr Monopoly: the move the sum of the dice and perform your turn as normal.  Then, advance to the next unowned property and either buy it or put the property up for auction per the Monoply game rules.   If there are no more unowned properties, then you advance only to the next unmortgaged property that is owned by another player and pay them rent.