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How to Win the McDonald’s Monopoly Game

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

That’s the case with the annual McDONALD’S MONOPOLY GAME, where hungry people all over attempt to collect a set of deed cards to fill out their Monopoly game board in an attempt to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

Rich Uncle Pennybags Monopoly McDonald's Glass
Rich Uncle Pennybags Monopoly McDonald’s Glass

Guess what?

The same theories that Web Watch wrote about a few years ago about the McDONALD’S MONOPOLY PROMOTION still hold true!   And because we wanted to remind you of all the fun you’ll have collecting those little pieces, we’ll just tell you again what you need to look for (of course, you could read that previous article as well, but let’s save you some trouble here):

  • Mediterranean Avenue
  • Vermont Avenue
  • Virginia Avenue
  • Tennessee Avenue
  • Kentucky Avenue
  • Short Line Railroad
  • Ventnor Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Boardwalk

Want to collect prize pieces faster and cheaper?  Just order the hash browns – they’re the least expensive method available.

As for some of the other math, here are some more MONOPOLY MATH STATISTICS that you should keep handy:

  • 4 out of every 11 prizes will be a medium fries (about 11.1% chance to win)
  • There’s a 22.5% chance of winning any food prize
  • There’s a 2.5% chance you’ll win any of the other non-food prizes.