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The Ultimate Secret Strategy to Winning Monopoly

Do you know the rules for Monopoly?

We’re talking the real-for-real rules, that nobody ever bothers to read.  As Web Watch has mentioned before, the official Monopoly rules are designed to make a standard game of Monopoly be played in just an hour or two – no need to grind out the $1 from your friends over a weekend of slow playing.

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Some people say that the secret to winning Monopoly is all about getting a monopoly of properties.  It doesn’t matter which monopoly you get, as long as you can get at least one.

And more importantly, you need to get yours faster than everyone else gets theirs.

But that may not really be the case.  You can certainly win without getting a monopoly of any type, as long as you have the right properties in your hand.  The goal of the game is what matters here.

And the goal of the game is really not about accumulating as many properties as you can.  The goal of the game is to do everything you can to bankrupt the other players.  And to do so as quickly as possible.

Now, other people will tell you that there is an IDEAL MONOPOLY STRATEGY, such as:

  • Always buy the Railroads.
  • Always buy 3 houses on each property you can build on.  Building more than 3 is not cost-effective in terms of ROI, but it also gives you a larger advantage by hoarding houses on your own properties so they can’t be used on your opponents’.
  • Illinois Avenue is the best property of all to buy
  • B&O Railroad is the 2nd best property to own
  • The best monopoly to have, in terms of low level of entry and frequent rent payouts are the Orange set.
  • Later in the game, it’s more beneficial to stay in jail for your three turns than it is to be wandering around the board paying out rent to others.
  • Always keep enough cash around to pay the highest rent your opponents are asking for.  If you don’t do this, you’ll eventually find yourself on the short end of the rent stick.
  • Memorize this list of MONOPOLY PROPERTY PROBABILITIES to determine which properties are most likely to be landed on.

But if you think about where the strategy is leading to, as long as the end result is that you position yourself in the best possible way to bankrupt your opponent, then you’re doing the right thing.