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The best time to exercise is between 5pm – 7pm

Are you like most people?

You get out of bed, slip on your running outfit (with nighttime reflectors, of course), and head out for an early-morning 5 mile run to shake out the cobwebs before you head home to shower and get ready for work?

If so, then you’re doing it wrong.

Timex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Timex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

According to a RECENT STUDY FROM USC’s DORNSIFE COLLEGE OF LETTERS, ARTS, and SCIENCES, there are optimal times of day to do practically everything, including exercise.

According to the study, there are “peak times” that certain tasks are better suited for.  For example, we all know that the best time for business deals to be done is in the morning, between 9a-11a.  Most business professionals would agree that they do their best work in the morning, before the post-lunch slacker fog comes into play.

So why exercise in the afternoon before dinner?  Because that’s when our bodies are most physically able to handle the strains of exercise.  Best lung capacity, for example, occurs at that time.

Other times that are best for peaking?

  • Taking a test: 11a-1p
  • Eating?  Avoid anytime after 8p-9p.   Your body just can’t handle the extra calories immediately before sleeping