You’ll never guess how many hours of exercise obese people get in a year

Web Watch could make a million dollars by supplying doctors and physician offices with a stack of Post-It Notes and prescription pads that have LOSE WEIGHT and GET MORE EXERCISE printed on them as part of the standard checkup diagnosis.

There may be rare cases where a physician tells a patient that they have to eat more in order to maintain certain aspects of health, but the vast majority of us do need to lose some weight or get more exercise on a regular basis.

The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients
The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients

Now, it’s easy for people who are mobile and just slightly overweight – or dare we say, “fat” – to get on a treadmill or otherwise do something to work out.

But what about those who are obese or clinically obese?  How much exercise do they get in a given year?

Apparently, not that much.

According to a STUDY BY THE NUTRITION OBESITY RESEARCH CENTER in BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA, if you’re obese, you’re not getting any exercise at all over the course of a year.


All the researchers wanted was to look at “vigorous activity”, which did not – for some reason – include biking or swimming.  Or sexual activity.

What they found was that obese women get just a total of one hour of active exercise in a year’s time.  Obese men faired a little better, with a total of 3.6 hours of active exercise over the course of a year.

Do you know how much active exercise YOU get in a day, month, year?