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The Most Popular Tokens in Monopoly

With HASBRO’S RECENT NEWS about how they’re asking for Monopoly fans to choose which game piece / token that they want to add to the classic board game (Web Watch is hoping for the Toy Robot, ourselves) – they really are ignoring the bigger question about the Monopoly board game.

No, it isn’t “why don’t people actually like playing it as they get older?”  Frankly, Web Watch would love to have a Monopoly game night on occasion, if only we could find other similarly minded folks to join us.

Monopoly, Money, and You: How to Profit from the Game’s Secrets of Success
Monopoly, Money, and You:
How to Profit from the Game’s Secrets of Success

No, the question that you really should ask is “WHAT MONOPOLY TOKEN DO YOU ALWAYS GRAB and/or LOATHE?

Let Web Watch break this topic down for you:

  • Racecar: 25% of all players prefer the racecar.  Mostly men.
  • Thimble: Chosen most by women.
  • Boot: just 6% of players willing choose the boot.
  • Dog: 20% of all players like to pick the dog to be their token
  • Ship: (no numbers provided. Go figure)
  • Hat: 20% of all players like to pick the hat to be their token.  100% of all players try to put the Hat token on the Dog token when the two pieces share the same space on the Monopoly board
  • Iron: less than 1% of players choose the iron (about 1 in 20).
  • Wheelbarrow: 3% of players select the Wheelbarrow token

While Web Watch often chooses the car, dog, or hat if those are the options that are presented to us, we like to bring our own token to the game and use that instead.  Sometimes it’s a poker chip, sometimes it’s a silly figurine found in a shoebox.

There’s no rule that says that we have to use the assigned tokens to play Monopoly.  So we figure, let someone else who really wants to play with the car, the dog, or the hat get their choice and we’ll go with something a bit more unique.   Works for us.