How do Ouija boards work?

Have you ever wondered how a Ouija board works?

Well, scientists have finally done the research and determined exactly where those ghostly spirits come from — and the answer is obvious: they’re coming from inside the house!

They used eye tracking devices to study how people using the Ouija board move their hands. When people have their eyes open, they’ve noticed that people tend to look ahead at what the next letter to be pointed to happens to be. Easy-peasy.

But when people are blindfolded and can’t indicate in advance where the point will go, it ends up being a collective “group think” mentality that ultimately moves the pointer around the board.

You’ll have to read the article for the more technical details, but let’s just say that they didn’t actually say there WEREN’T ghostly spirits guiding the pointer around…

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What is the highest scoring Scrabble word?

Web Watch, as we’ve declared previously, loves playing board games with friends.

There’s something about sitting around a table and taking part in a group activity – laughing, drinking – that you just can’t get from the anonymous (and cheat-filled) ways of playing knock-off word games with friends via cellphone.

Is SCRABBLE the best game choice for game night?  Sometimes yes, sometimes not.  It partly depends on how many people are playing, and whether they enjoy playing word games with you.  If you’re the kind of person who TiVos the NATIONAL SPELLING BEE, then chances are you’re not the type of person that others will want to engage in a casual Scrabble game with.

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The Most Popular Tokens in Monopoly

With HASBRO’S RECENT NEWS about how they’re asking for Monopoly fans to choose which game piece / token that they want to add to the classic board game (Web Watch is hoping for the Toy Robot, ourselves) – they really are ignoring the bigger question about the Monopoly board game.

No, it isn’t “why don’t people actually like playing it as they get older?”  Frankly, Web Watch would love to have a Monopoly game night on occasion, if only we could find other similarly minded folks to join us.


How much do fictional houses cost in the real world?

We’ve all played our fair share of board games and video games over the years, and have watched any number of movies and TV shows.

The one thing all of these have in common is that they take place at some location, somewhere around the world.

And we’ve all pretty much wondered the same thing:

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The Ultimate Secret Strategy to Winning Monopoly

Do you know the rules for Monopoly?

We’re talking the real-for-real rules, that nobody ever bothers to read.  As Web Watch has mentioned before, the official Monopoly rules are designed to make a standard game of Monopoly be played in just an hour or two – no need to grind out the $1 from your friends over a weekend of slow playing.


How to cheat at Scrabble (and get away with it)

Have you ever wanted to CHEAT AT SCRABBLE and get away with it?

No, we’re not talking about ways to cheat at WORDS WITH FRIENDS — Web Watch has already covered that.

We’re talking about how to cheat at the Scrabble board game, the one with the actual tiles and fabric pouch that you play at the kitchen table on Saturday nights with some friends and a nice bottle of wine or two?

Well – Web Watch has a way for you to CHEAT at Scrabble, and make it a legitimate part of your gameplay.

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The Ultimate Secret to winning WORDS WITH FRIENDS


Do you have multiple games going at one time, and fantasize about playing the exact same word on all the boards at the same time?

Do you have all the LEGAL 2-LETTER WORDS memorized, regardless of whether you actually know the definitions of those words or not?  Do you know the exact number of letters that are available in the baggie, or know the difference between REGULAR SCRABBLE RULES and TOURNAMENT SCRABBLE RULES?

Yeah, you’re a word game competitor, and you’re always looking for an edge.  Something to really carry your gameplay to the next level, because you’re sick and tired of losing out on that Triple Word Score because you couldn’t come up with a more creative way to use that “P” in your rack.

Web Watch has something for you.  We can help you win.

All all you have to do is one simple thing…

So what is the ULTIMATE SECRET TO WINNING “WORDS WITH FRIENDS”, Scrabble, or any other popular word game?


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What does “Community Service Barbie” and “Girls Gone Wild Xmas” have in common

Chuck E Cheese Playroom
Chuck E Cheese Playroom

Web Watch will ask again: What do “Community Service Barbie” and “Girls Gone Wild Christmas” have in common?