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How to take over Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World

You’ve been there.

The yelling, the screaming kids.  The crowds.  The pushing and shoving.

Going to Walt Disney World can seem, to some, to be a form of modern-day warfare, with every tourist working hard to achieve the ultimate prize of a Relaxing Family Vacation (five days of fun crammed into three)!

You’ve felt like you were going to snap, didn’t you?

Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture
Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture

Well, truth be told – you’re not alone.

Visiting Disney can be a very stressful experience.  Very much akin to going to war.  Which makes you wonder — a castle was built as a defense facility.  To protect the surrounding lands from attackers (as well as to provide shelter for the King and royal family.

And if Cinderella Castle is like any other castle, it’s there to defend.  The question is, defend from what?

See, that’s where you come in.

Over on QUORA, somebody also considered this very same scenario.  If we ever had to go to war and ATTACK CINDERELLA CASTLE, what would be the best ways to do so?

Web Watch’s favorite out of those listed was far and away the easiest, and most common sense:  use a ninja to climb up the cable that Tinker Bell uses every night to “fly” before the firework spectacular begins.

All other options, while amusing, required too much artillery and manpower.  We say, if you’re going to take over the Castle, you’re best off trying to do it alone.

So let’s turn this idea around a bit.  The Disney castle has fallen; what’s the next objective that needs to be taken over that they’d never expect to see us coming for?