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A Walt Disney World Bathroom Photoblog

Everybody Pees
Everybody Pees

Cass and Robert are big Disney fans.

They’ve been to Walt Disney World numerous times, and taken a Disney Cruise or two.

But Cass has a little bit of an obsession with the Disney facilities, as she felt the need to post PHOTOS OF EVERY WOMEN’S RESTROOM AT WALT DISNEY WORLD.

Even she admits that taking pictures inside the restrooms is a little odd, but she says that the information presented can be helpful to those Disney visitors who are looking for specialized bathroom options, such as companion/family bathrooms or handicap stalls.  At least she tried to avoid getting any people in her photos — and if you’ve ever tried to use the bathroom near the Speedway between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, you know how impossible that task must have been.

Web Watch agrees with Cass that knowing what facilities are nearby in advance can be extremely helpful…. something Web Watch knows all too well after having a sudden and extremely urgent need to find the closest bathroom while waiting in line to meet some characters in Toon Town.  Web Watch offers our personal thanks to the kind Cast Members who quickly pointed us in the proper direction of the Pete’s Garage restroom, which was pleasantly and surprisingly clean and empty of other guests at 11pm that fateful night.  It’s a highly recommended stop for those who may find themselves facing similar dire straits while visiting the Magic Kingdom.  

What else did we learn that night?  Most importantly: that everyone really should carry Purell hand sanitzer with them and use it regularly when visting the parks.  Secondly: that while we can eat two giant Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie Treats that are the size of our head for dessert, that doesn’t mean we should.  

Eating three giant chocolate-dipped Mickey Mouse-shaped Rice Krispie Treats that are the size of our head for dessert?  Definitely not a good idea.  Not a good idea at all.

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