Movie Review

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Rated R for adult situations, language, and plenty of graphic, dirty sex talk. 

Rating: B

THE UGLY TRUTH is yet another romantic comedy wrapped around the basic Cyrano de Bergerac plot. 

In this case, Katherine Heigl is the lovelorn shy character who just wants to meet the man of her dreams, but she can’t without the help of salty trash talker Gerard Butler whispering what to say and do into her ear.   But who does Heigl end up with: the hottie, the ugly, someone else, or nobody at all?  And that’s why you’ll sit through the end of the film to find out.

See, the kicker is that Butler and Heigl are total opposites and can’t stand each other, but they have to find a way to work out their differences so Heigl can land hunky-hunky-doctor-Colin.  Hilarity ensues!

With this film and Knocked Up, Heigl shows that she’s trying to be an actress that can handle carrying an R-rated comedy.  Plus, she continues to showcase some of the physical comedy chops that we’ve seen in Sandra Bullock over the years – Heigl’s funny and proves that she will do almost anything for a laugh…. and it mostly works.  There just seems to be a feeling that she’s holding back just a little bit more than she should.  Once she gets a few more similar films under her belt, she may be able to take the title of “America’s Sweetheart” away from Sandra.  But as runner-up, she’s doing okay, and will do better if she can loosen up just a little bit more.

Generally speaking, it’s a great date movie with plenty of laughs for everyone.  All of “The Ugly Truth” segments were audience favorites.   But we’ll admit, things do get a little slow in the later part of the film as you sense the filmmakers are trying to figure out a way to wrap things up, so be prepared for that. 

Web Watch’s biggest complaint – Kevin Connolly from Entourage has pretty significant billing on the movie poster, official website, and opening credits.  All we can say is that he must have a damn good agent to have gotten that deal for as little as he appears in the film.