Movie Review

Movie Review: The Proposal

Rated PG-13 for adult situations, some language, innuendo, and the rest of the scene from the film’s trailer that shows Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock naked.

Rating: B-

The Proposal is a cute movie, perfect for a girl’s night out or a date night with someone special.Ryan Reynolds continues his summer film series (Adventureland, Wolverine) playing characters with interesting backstories, and Sandra Bullock tries to play a hyper-competitive book editor with an A-type personality but just ends up being the “girl next door that everyone wants” that she plays so well.  She’s not miscast, as this film has her doing tons of great, funny physical comedy that has become her trademark… but it’s hard to completely buy her in the “tough boss” role.  And buying Sandra in that role is tough enough without having to deal with the generally predictable plot, which we won’t elaborate on here.

All that said, The Proposal is a funny film.  Lots of good laughs to be had.  Once the film gets rolling into the “fish out of water” portion of the story, Sandra’s physical comedy and joke delivery really take over.   Ryan plays the straight man to most of the comedy, but with Betty White playing his 90-year-old grandmother as well, he really didn’t have a chance to be the funny one in this film at all.  

The biggest laughs came from the supporting cast, stealing every scene they were in.  You may never listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood the same way again.

All in all, a better than average, entertaining way to spend an afternoon at the movies.

The Proposal qualifies for a CLOSING CREDITS ALERT: the film’s epilogue plays out through the credits, so don’t be one of those folks who get up and leave immediately when the credits start rolling.  Sit, and enjoy.