This Father’s Day, Take Dad for a Naked Hike

Naked Paradise: Hiking American WildernessThis year, Father’s Day happens to also fall on the Summer Solstice.

And what’s so special about the Summer Solstice? 

That’s the day that hikers all around the world shed their clothes, backpacks, and inhibitions and go out to HIKE THEIR FAVORITE NATURE TRAIL, NAKED.  Why?  Because it’s NUDE HIKING DAY.

Web Watch understands your concern.  Nobody wants to go casually hiking up and down the Appalachian Trail and worry about seeing some nuts and berries that weren’t part of the natural flora.

Apparently, nude hiking is a very popular sport, especially in Europe.  So much so that there are even websites dedicated to providing NUDE HIKING ETIQUETTE AND HELPFUL TIPS

The most commonly listed tip?  Sunscreen.

Still, nude hiking is not for everyone.  Shane Steinkamp maintains the hiking information website THE PLACE WITH NO NAME, and he has this to say about hiking naked:

  • Hiking naked is more common in the US West than it is in the US East
  • Most naked hikers hike naked in the early morning
  • There appear to be no National Park Service rules prohibiting nudity on the trails, although you may receive a $50 fine.  (The fine may have increased over the years, however.)
  • While the NPS may turn a blind eye to naked hiking, some states may still prohibit the act.  Check your local rules and regulations before taking off your clothes on the hiking trail

Some of the things that Shane recommends that everybody should try doing naked at least once include:

  • Standing atop a high place to allow the wind to caress you (sweet!)
  • Leap from that high place into a deep clear pool (delightful!)
  • Laid in the cool grass in the rain (valuable!)
  • Sat in a waterfall (worthwhile!)
  • Gone to the sea (divine!)
  • Met the wilderness (precious!)

So if being naked on the trails is the type of thing that interests you, feel free to plan a meet-up with other naked hikers using a discussion board such as HIKING NAKED

Besides, you’ll need someone with you to help find those ticks in those hard-to-reach places.