Nude Summer Camps… you know, for kids

The New York Times is running a story entitled OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE A LANYARD, OLD ENOUGH TO DO IT NUDE, and has – surprisingly – run into a little backlash on the subject content.

Apparently, it’s not natural for 13-year-old girls to complain about having to play “strip volleyball” when they’d rather play regular volleyball.  The campers’ stance is that having to put clothes ON in order to play the strip version of the game is the hindrance, not the fact that they’re all playing naked in the first place.

Other activities at the Youth Leadership Camp include the pudding toss, mini-golf, capture the flag, frog catching, s’more making, and campfire sing-alongs.   All the same things you’d find at a regular summer camp.  But without a dress code.

Some critics have complained about these nude summer camps as exploitative and possibly leading to dangerous criminal activities, but self-proclaimed nudists have defended these types of environments, stating that nudist resorts have more security than the local Wal-Mart and are also self-policing.