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Nude Beach Etiquette as you visit the Best Nude Beaches in the World

Nude Beach Corona Beer
Nude Beach Corona Beer

The only piece of nude beach etiquette Web Watch has known was from a joke we remember some comedian said.

In essence, it had to do with the very good advice regarding being sure to apply sunscreen liberally to places that may need a little extra protection.  The punchline was when the guy at the beach had a hand full of sunscreen lotion, looked down at his junk… and realized that maybe he hadn’t quite thought through the sunscreen application process enough.

The lesson is not to ignore the importance of sunscreen, but that perhaps the sunscreen in a spray may have been a better choice.

If you decide to visit a nude beach for the first time, you will want to consider your lotion options, as well as these other TIPS FOR VISTING A NUDE BEACH:

  • Remember that Seinfeld episode about there being “no such thing as good-looking naked crouching”.  Yeah, don’t do that.
  • No staring… but if you are going to, get a good pair of sunglasses and pretend to read a book or magazine.
  • No photos. 
  • The George Costanze “shrinkage” episode.  You know the one.

Now that you know WHAT to do (or not do), the other question remaining is WHERE ARE THE BEST NUDE BEACHES IN THE WORLD?  Would you believe that the list was so awesome that it had to be split into PART 2: THE BEST NUDE BEACHES?

Great question.  Web Watch is here to help.  Here are half of those beaches reviewed to be the Top 30 Places to Get Naked…

  • Little Beach – Maui, Hawaii
  • Wreck Beach – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • San Onofre State Beach – Orange County, California
  • Haulover Beach – Miami, Florida
  • Apollo Beach – Volusia County, Florida
  • Hanlan’s Point Beach – Toronto, Canada
  • Gunnison Beach – Sandy Hook, N.J.
  • Uretiti Beach – Northland, New Zealand
  • Lighthouse Beach –  New York, USA
  • Arambol Beach –  Goa, India
  • Swanbourne Beach –  Perth, Australia
  • Blooming Point –  Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Vera Playa –  Spain
  • Lokrum Island –  Croatia
  • Playa Zipolite –  Oaxaca, Mexico