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Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess artwork continues to inspire real-life photos

Brianna Garcia is famous in Disney Princess circles for her inspirational drawing entitled SMILE FOR THE CAMERA.  If you recall, Web Watch has written about Brianna and her cartoon drawing inspirations in the past:  Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess art gallery inspires real-life Princess photo

It ends up that the SEXY DISNEY PRINCESSES are continuing to MAKE FUNNY FACES in front of the camera:

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Which is the Most Feminist Disney Princess of All Time?

There’s a reason that Disney Princesses are looked at as The Perfect Women.

By lots of people.  Little girls want to grow up to be princesses.  Young women cosplay as sexy Disney Princesses.  Men want to be the hero that rescues the princess.

Yes, there’s a lot of desire from all aspects when it comes to who is, who wants to be, and who wants to be with a Disney Princess.

The Princess Story: Modeling the Feminine in Twentieth-Century American Fiction and Film
The Princess Story:
Modeling the Feminine in Twentieth-Century American Fiction and Film

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Year in Review: 2012’s most popular Web Watch articles and searches

Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit WEB WATCH in 2012.

For those of you who weren’t able to read Web Watch every day, here’s a quick look at what everyone took a look at while they were here.

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What if Disney Princesses were Real?

This holiday season, little girls all around the world were presented with pink gift boxes filled with costumes and plastic jewelry all designed to fulfill their every wish and dream to be a Princess.

And it’s reinforced with various “Princess” clothing, “Daddy’s little princess” bumper stickers, and more.  Raising a girl to be self-confident in herself is one thing; to raise her to believe that being a princess is the end-all goal is another, which is why some people tend to take a negative view of the continual Princess merchandising deluge found in toy aisles everywhere.

Even so, there have been many variations on the classic Disney Princess stereotype over the years, whether it be COSPLAY, PHOTOGRAPHY, or FICTIONALIZED CONTINUATIONS of the classic stories, such as the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by author Anne Rice.

But with all the gender-endoctrination of princess-dom, there can be one way to make the life of a Disney Princess not seem as glamorous as it could be:

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How to take over Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World

You’ve been there.

The yelling, the screaming kids.  The crowds.  The pushing and shoving.

Going to Walt Disney World can seem, to some, to be a form of modern-day warfare, with every tourist working hard to achieve the ultimate prize of a Relaxing Family Vacation (five days of fun crammed into three)!

You’ve felt like you were going to snap, didn’t you?

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More Disney Princess Cosplay at Comic-Con

For the past few years, Web Watch has pointed out the sheer joy that SOME DISNEY PRINCESS FANS get by dressing up as their FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS character at the annual ComicCon convention in San Diego.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that they were dressed as their favorite SEXY DISNEY PRINCESS?

Thought we’d point that out.

Princess Arial costume for AdultsPrincess Arial costume for Adults

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Disney Princesses in Real Life, a photo essay

Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish design student at Bournemouth, and he wants to be very clear that his name is pronounced “Yirka”, not “Jerk-a”.

Web Watch has no reason to quibble with him on this, as he’s doing some phenomenal work on RE-IMAGINING DISNEY PRINCESSES as if they were real-life people.

Sure, we’ve seen some other examples of this with live models, but Jirka is taking a slightly different approach on this with his photo-realistic, manipulations that are designed to showcase what the Disney Princess would look like as an actual person.

Not a cartoon caricature, but really-for-real people.

Let’s take a quick look… 

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What if Disney Princesses were tattooed and pierced?

Disney Princess Tattoos
Disney Princess Tattoos

Disney Princesses have inspired many fantasies, for girls and boys alike.

Girls, because they want to be just as glamorous, rich, desired… and more recently, smart and self-sufficient.   

Web Watch has covered the Disney Princess phenomenon in the past, from both a business and a fantasy viewpoint (Briana Garcia and her Funny Disney Princesses being a popular page here on Web Watch).

So why do boys like the Disney Princesses?  Because let’s face it — in the right circumstance, Disney Princesses can be hot.  Heck, how can you explain why seven dwarves fought over Snow White?