Calvin’s parents must have been millionaires

Remember the CALVIN AND HOBBES comic strip?

Kids today may not be as enamored with comic strips as their parents were back in the day – it really was the golden age of comics: Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Bloom County. Some would include Garfield on this list, but that may vary depending on how you feel about cats.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

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Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess artwork continues to inspire real-life photos

Brianna Garcia is famous in Disney Princess circles for her inspirational drawing entitled SMILE FOR THE CAMERA.  If you recall, Web Watch has written about Brianna and her cartoon drawing inspirations in the past:  Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess art gallery inspires real-life Princess photo

It ends up that the SEXY DISNEY PRINCESSES are continuing to MAKE FUNNY FACES in front of the camera:


Photoshop Fun: Calvin and Hobbes edition

Web Watch readers can generally agree – the Best Comic Strip of All Time is (was) Calvin & Hobbes.

Sure, there will be some naysayers that will claim that the best comic strip was The Far Side, or maybe Bloom County.  Granted, those comics were awesome in their own way, but they never really captured the heart of what a daily strip was at the time to be looked at 20 years later in fondness for what might-have-been had it continued.


Real-Life Disney Princesses at 2011 Comic-Con

Sexy Tinkerbelle Costume

Previously, Web Watch has shared with you about REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES that attend San Diego’s famed COMIC CON.

This year is no exception.

We’ll be posting photos of this year’s sexy Disney Princesses in Real Life here.  Bookmark this page for updates:

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PSA for the ladies in time for Comic-Con: Please stop wearing the Princess Leia Slave costume

Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume
Buy the Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume

This week at Comic-Con 2011, news organizations are likely to focus – at one time or another – on the cosplay phenomenon…. especially with what the ladies wear.

Women are using ComicCon as an opportunity to wear their “Sexy Halloween Costumes” more than once a year, especially if their costume of choice involves any type of sexy television character, sexy cartoon character, sexy literary character, sexy sci-fi character, or any other appropriate costume that can have “sexy” put in front of it.

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Calvin & Hobbes, 26 years later. If only it were true…

Calvin & Hobbes, the last cartoon
Calvin & Hobbes’ Last Cartoon

Comic fans around the world mourned when Bill Watterson decided to stop writing CALVIN & HOBBES.  Considering how much demand there still is for various Calvin or Hobbes merchandise based on the sheer number of counterfeit “Calvin peeing” stickers one sees on the back of pick-up trucks around the country, it was only a matter of time before someone picked up the gauntlet for us fans.

Demand for Bill Watterson’s drawings is so high, any new art from him is newsworthy to the point where the Washington Post had to write an article about Watterson’s first released art in 16 years.

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HA! The Sheen Family Circus

Charlie Sheen Bowling Shirt
Dress like Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men” with this classic Retro Bowling Shirt

What if Charlie Sheen was a character in Bil Keane’s The Family Circus cartoons?


News flash: Wearing a Superman t-shirt does not mean you’re dressed as Superman

In YET ANOTHER NOSTALGIA BLOG-TURNED-POSSIBLE-EXPLOITATIVE BOOK DEAL, Web Watch points you to GROWING UP HEROES, a photoblog of old family photos that have been submitted by the site’s readers.

In this case, the family photos are of children (and others) dressed up as their favorite superheroes.