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Decorating the office with Post-It Notes

Post-it Notes
Post-it Notes

When non-destructive, office pranks can be fun.

Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with inflated balloons?  Fun.  Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with Silly String?  A little bit of a mess to clean-up, and usually left to the victim to do so on their own.

Web Watch has even covered an entire office’s items in tin foil and wrapping paper.  Definitely time-consuming and an absolute waste of money, but entertaining.   The best one we did was sheetrocking over the boss’s office door and painting the wall so it looked like the office was never there in the first place.  Oh, we’re still laughing about that one.

But sometimes it’s nice to include others in your office shenanigans.

Take, for example, this pair of office buildings that face each other in Paris.  They decided to stage a WAR USING POST-IT NOTES ARTWORK IN THEIR OFFICE WINDOWS.

From Nintendo characters to Spongebob Squarepants, to the occasional Pixar or Disney character, to classic video game action — you’ll be amazed at what extremely bored creative people can do with a stack of multi-colored Post-it Notes and a large window canvas to work with.

Of course, Web Watch would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the press coverage of this was less than spectacular if the pictures presented are all-encompassing of what was displayed in the office windows.  We definitely know the difference between HOBBES from Calvin & Hobbes fame, and TIGGER from Winnie-the-Pooh.  Apparently, the news reporter covering this does not.    We admit, using Post-it Notes for art is definitely a HOBBES-type activity, but that doesn’t mean that Tigger should be dissed like that.