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Why every office should be filled with kittens and puppies

Are you watching the current BRAVO TV program LOLWORK?

It’s a reality TV program that allegedly shows the real-world behind-the-scenes workings of how the Cheezburger Network — home toLOL CATSand millions of other funny animal pictures and videos — does business.

While most the show appears to be purposefully driven to make what is supposed to be good TV, there are specific business-aspects that get aired that really for-real give a reasonable peek behind the curtain of what it takes to run a popular content-driven website.

Watching LOLWORK will give you a good reminder that it’s always hard work to create good, compelling CONTENT for your website, but that it’s that same content that also brings eyeballs to your site in the first place.  Focus on the content, let everything else fall into place later.

I Can Has Cheezburger Calendar
LOLCats I Can Has Cheezburger Calendar

So why isWeb Watch mentioning the joy that LOL CATS brings?

Because it’s been proven that LOOKING AT CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOS can make you more productive.  Which is why you should be visiting any of the Cheezburger sites on a regular basis.

How much more productive should you expect to be?

The research found that there could be as much as a 10% improvement after looking at cute pictures than there was after looking at not-so-cute imagery.  Puppies and kittens were deemed “more cute” than were dogs and cats.

Pictures of food was definitely not a factor.

Obviously more study needs to be done, as the research didn’t look at specific tasks, such as office work or driving.  But the preliminary results are enough for Web Watch.

We’re going to start every day looking at cute puppy pictures from now on.  Who’s going to join us in this puppy crusade?