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10 Completely Useless Wine Accessory Gift Ideas

As we get deeper into the Holiday Gift Giving season, perhaps its time to take a moment to reflect on whether that wine accessory really is something that the recipient would appreciate.

The way Web Watch sees it, if you’re going to give a wine enthusiast a gift, you might as well give them a bottle of wine that either YOU like (so you can then say, “hey, let’s open that bottle I just gave you”) or a bottle of wine that you know THEY’LL like in the hopes that they will open that bottle and share with you anyway.

Funny thing about giving a gift of wine – you’ll probably end up having some of it anyway.

Hands Free Wine Glass Holder
Hands Free Wine Glass Holder

Besides, if your friends are really into wine, they have all the wacky wine accessories that the could possible need.

They already have the Ultimate Bottle Opener.  The Ultimate Set of Wine Glasses.  The Corkcicle is not needed, as they already know precisely what temperature to serve wine at.

That’s the premise behind this list of TOP 10 USELESS WINE ACCESSORIES as compiled by The Drinks Business.  They know what makes a good wine-related gift, and not one of these items is even worth bringing to a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

  • The Hands Free Wine Glass Holder
  • The Glass Tank
  • The Double Walled Glass Mug
  • Carafe No8
  • The aforementioned Corkcicle
  • Stemware Coasters
  • Assorted Wine Bottle Holders
  • Tipsy Wine Glasses
  • Cork Collection Bottle
  • The Robot Wine Rack

Actually, Web Watch kinda likes that last one.  Who wouldn’t want a 2000lb, 6-foot tall wine rack shaped like a robot, that holds 32 bottles of wine?

And yet nowhere on this list is Big Carl from the TV show Cougar Town.

Yeah, we find it hard to say that we agree with their list if they don’t like to mix wine with robots while excluding Big Carl.  Forget we ever said anything.