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The one thing you should never do with a SodaStream

What’s one thing you should never do with a SodaStream?

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If you have to drink a Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” wine, which would you choose?

We know that you’re one of those people who went out to Trader Joe’s and bought a few cases of Charles Shaw vintages for your last dinner party.

You felt that the wine was good enough – at $2 a bottle ($3 a bottle in some states, due to shipping costs) – that you’d be saving some money by serving basic wine to your guests and they’ll never know the difference.

Here’s a hint if you are planning on doing this:  decant those bottles.  Don’t let your friends know that you’re serving them Two Buck Chuck, as no matter how drinkable the wine may be, their initial impression will be solely based on the price you paid per bottle.

I Love Trader Joe's
I Love Trader Joe’s

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Favorite alcoholic beverages of adult film stars

They say that being an adult film star is tough work.

All the lights, the pressure to perform on demand in front of a crowd of disinterested crew members. Having to remember one’s lines.

It’s enough to lead an actor or actress to drink… and to drink a lot.

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10 Beers with the Highest Alcohol Content

People are either “beer folks” or “wine folks”.

Web Watch has friends who absolutely refuse to have any wine whatsoever, preferring to only drink beer.  Likewise, we know plenty of grape-heads who turn their noses up at beer.

Taste can be a funny thing, but we do agree that beer and wine flavors are completely different, so it’s understandable that there can be such a rift in opinions for favorite beverage.


Mad about outrageous corkage fees? Here’s one to make you angrier

How many times have you decided to go to a restaurant, and instead of buying one of their (slightly) overpriced wines off their wine menu, you’ve brought a special bottle with you from home or from the liquor store down the street?

Web Watch likes to eat at one local favorite specifically because they don’t have a liquor license and encourage guests to bring a bottle of wine from home.  They ask only $5 per bottle, perhaps to cover glass cleaning and the servers’ time in presenting the cork to us.

But considering that a $5 per bottle corkage fee is extremely reasonable in today’s restaurant world, we’re happy to pay that instead of other options that could be made.

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10 Completely Useless Wine Accessory Gift Ideas

As we get deeper into the Holiday Gift Giving season, perhaps its time to take a moment to reflect on whether that wine accessory really is something that the recipient would appreciate.

The way Web Watch sees it, if you’re going to give a wine enthusiast a gift, you might as well give them a bottle of wine that either YOU like (so you can then say, “hey, let’s open that bottle I just gave you”) or a bottle of wine that you know THEY’LL like in the hopes that they will open that bottle and share with you anyway.

Funny thing about giving a gift of wine – you’ll probably end up having some of it anyway.

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Most people can’t tell the difference between a $5 and $50 bottle of wine

Web Watch learned the hard way how to appreciate wine.

For years, we avoided wine like the plague – preferring vodka, beer, or other alcoholic alternatives to all types of wine.  We just didn’t enjoy it as much as we were told we should.

Then one day, we received a $125 bottle of wine as a gift.

That is when our opinion on wine changed dramatically.

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10 Things You Don’t Know About… Finding the Best Inexpensive Wine at a Restaurant

So you’re sitting at the fancy restaurant, and the waiter hands you the wine menu.  If you’re like most people, you flip to the back page where the cheap stuff is, scan the page for the least expensive per-glass line, and order whatever it may be.

Yes, restaurants make a ton of money selling customers a bottle of wine at an incredibly high markup.  The same bottle that can run $100 or more in the restaurant may only cost you $20 at the local wine shop…assuming the local wine shop even carries that label or vintage.  

So how do you know which wine is a good value when you’re looking at the menu?

The Wall Street Journal has written a handy guide to help you SAVE MONEY WHEN BUYING WINE AT A RESTAURANT.