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Most people can’t tell the difference between a $5 and $50 bottle of wine

Web Watch learned the hard way how to appreciate wine.

For years, we avoided wine like the plague – preferring vodka, beer, or other alcoholic alternatives to all types of wine.  We just didn’t enjoy it as much as we were told we should.

Then one day, we received a $125 bottle of wine as a gift.

That is when our opinion on wine changed dramatically.

Vinturi Wine Aerators, Red Wine and White Wine
Vinturi Wine Aerators
Red Wine and White Wine

Because it ends up that the reason we didn’t care for wine was because we were drinking the cheap stuff.  And apparently, not even the good cheap stuff.

There’s a reason why some bottles of wine cost more than others, and it’s not just because the winery’s production costs are higher or that the batches are smaller/more exclusive.

No, it’s actually because creating really good wine does end up costing a bit more.

Since then, our wine palate has opened up considerably, and we’re able to taste the different nuances between the expensive wines that we like over the less expensive wines that we are more likely to afford for regular drinking.   Don’t misunderstand – we’ll always prefer the expensive wines over those picked up at the corner convenienc store — but at least we now know what we’re going to get.

So that’s why products like wine aerators have started to come into vogue.  Just like we’ve told you how you could save money by getting the cheapest liquor for the highest buzz, perhaps it’s time to tell you how to improve the taste of your alcohol.

Because a recent study has come out that says that MOST PEOPLE CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHEAP WINE AND HIGH-END WINE.

In other words, unless you’re one of those supertasters who are overly sensitive to bitterness or have an acute sense of taste, it really doesn’t matter what wine you choose.  Unless you’ve drunk so much wine that you’ve developed a taste profile that prefers Cabs over Merlots, wine is wine.

So get a wine aerator and buy the cheap stuff.  Your friends won’t really care, either – just save those expensive bottles of wine for yourself.