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The Most Useless Websites on the Web

There’s a lot of stupid on the Internet.

You know, it.  We know it.

The goal is to try to avoid those websites at all costs.  There’s never anything good to be found there, in the bowels of Internet Stupidity.

But once in a while, you have a hankering for something a little off-the-beaten path.

Something that isn’t quite going to be like any other site.  Maybe something to put a smile on your face, or something that just makes you want to stand on a chair and shout OMG DOGS!.

Maybe you want to get out your aggression by HITTING SOMEONE WITH AN EEL, or just want to THROW A CAT AROUND.

Yup, you can spend endless hours just clicking around the sites that are presented by THE USELESS WEB.  Just click the big pink button that proudly tells you exactly what it’s about to do:  “TAKE ME TO ANOTHER USELESS WEBSITE”.

You bet – not one of the sites that THE USELESS WEBSITE will point you to will have any redeeming value at all.  But they may make you smile a bit.

And in the end, isn’t that what the Internet really is all about?