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How To Get Started in the “Film” Industry*

Inside Deep Throat documentary*the Adult Film industry, that is.

Yes, this post will point you in the direction you need to GET STARTED IN THE ADULT FILM INDUSTRY.

For example, if you wanted to made a film for HUMPFEST.

Besides, it’s good to throw a couple of NSFW links out there for you frequent Web Watch readers.

NSFW = “Not Safe For Work”, for those of you who don’t know what it means. No, we’re not linking to sites featuring nekkid photos, but the content in all of today’s links may be a bit more graphic than what you’ve been used to seeing here on Web Watch. Be appropriately warned.

So what do you need to do to get started in the adult film industry? Apparently, a lot.

And that’s why adult star Monica Foster has been so kind to set up her own free advice site containing tons of unfiltered information and answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO GET STARTED IN THE ADULT FILM INDUSTRY. Some of the topics Monica covers include:

  • What you should expect from your very first scene
  • Picking your Porn Star Name…and what to do with it once you know what it will be
  • Health issues and STDs
  • Your job as a performer
  • What you should bring with you to the set
  • An overview of the industry, including a chart listing the types of jobs available on a scale from “mild” to “hardcore”. At the most mild on the list? Playboy-style photo shoots. The most hardcore delves into some illegal activity. Just saying. (Seriously, the chart says “Illegal” on it. Check it out and see.)

Here’s Monica talking about her site:

Monica has a positive attitude about whether newcomers will have what it takes to make it. She says –

Whether you are short, tall, heavy or thin there is most likely a market for your look and studios WILL shoot you and agents WILL book you. Whether your a young “Barely Legal” type, a late twenties to mid thirties year old “MILF”, or a seasoned forty year old (or plus) “Cougar”, there’s a place for you.

Of course, Monica also has the following suggestions for how to get OUT of the film industry as well:

  • Go webcam only
  • Get a regular job that isn’t part of the industry, even if it means taking a pay cut
  • Reach out to others who have been there and gotten out themselves, using website resources such as THE PINK CROSS.

The Pink Cross is run by Shelley Lubben, an ex-adult star – so you know she knows what she’s talking about – and blogs regularly about other performers who have gotten out of the industry. She has also posted the following statistics on the adult industry that some may find interesting:

  • 66% of performers have herpes
  • The largest group viewing this stuff online? Ages 12-17.
  • Worldwide industry revenue in 2006 was $97.06 billion.