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The Fantasy Film League is Coming Back!

Mr & Mrs Smith filmThose of you who have been following Web Watch for a long time should be familiar with how much we enjoyed the FANTASY FILM LEAGUE when it was around a few years ago – and how sad we were when FFL (that’s “Fantasy Film League” talk) went away due to prior/more important commitments by the site owners.

Well, Web Watch has just received notice from Mr Smith that the Fantasy Film League will be returning in March 2010.  So be sure to set your browser alarm clocks to return to the FFL home and stake your claim on being the most awesome movie producer ever.

Just to catch you up on how the old Fantasy Film League system worked, read on.  We don’t know yet if any of these rules are going to change or not – but the old system worked great.

  • Mr Smith and his cohorts load a database up with hundreds upon hundreds of movie stars, assigning them each a salary based on the past performance of their films.
  • You, the producer, have $100 million to spend on just 6 actors for your own multi-million-dollar production.  All actors are available for all users, so there is a possibility that two users could submit the exact same film roster.
  • Each week your production will earn points based on real-life box office performance of the films your 6 actors appear in during that time period.  So if you have Harrison Ford when the next Indiana Jones film comes out, chances are you’ll make some dough.

To succeed in Fantasy Film League, it helps to have an idea of what films are coming out and whether you should blow your wad on a few high-producing actors, or on less-expensive unknowns.

Web Watch is looking forward to the revamp of Fantasy Film League.  When it starts up, be sure to share your gaming name so we can compete against each other.