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New diet tip: get drunk, not fat

Drink This, Not That
Drink This, Not That

David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding, and the rest of the gang at Men’s Health have a great concept that Web Watch wholeheartedly agrees with — if you want to lose weight the easy way, just change what you eat through simple meal replacements.

Like the photo above, you can still have your giant-sized coffee beverage, but the Starbucks version will save you 200 calories and 30 grams of fat.

But let’s face it – their book is full of practical advice when what we really want are the details surrounding the unpublished information on the drinks we really enjoy: beer and liquor.

That’s where GET DRUNK, NOT FAT comes in.

It’s a crowd-sourced listing of alcoholic beverages, sorted by their calorie-to-alcohol ratio.

In other words, what you’re looking for is the drink with the highest buzz but the lowest calorie factor.  This way, you can drink yourself to oblivion without dramatically affecting your waistline with a traditional “beer gut”.

According to their data, your best option is a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold – ounce-for-ounce (and let’s face it, we’re comparing tequila to beer, so everything has to be in 12oz portions), you’re looking at 768 calories.

Your next best options are some Crown Royal, Gordons Gin, Smirnoff Vodka (Blue Label, naturally).  The best wine to drink is Franzia Merlot (sing along with Web Watch:  “Franzia, the wine in the box! Franzia…. the wine in the box!”).

The best beer to drink is Natural Ice.  At 5.9% alcohol for just 130 calories, you can’t go wrong with that.  Expectedly, the worst drinks to have on your buzz-to-calorie ratio are all non-alcoholic brews.

Like we had to tell you this.  

And ladies? That ZIMA or Smirnoff Ice you’re sucking down on the dance floor?  Those are 231 and 241 calories per 12 oz bottle.  Yeah, you better dance.

Have some inside information on alcohol caloric content?  Submit the content to the site yourself and help your friends stay on the thin and narrow.