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It’s true: Animated Children’s Films are More Violent than Films for Adults

We all grew up on Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, Saturday morning cartoons – and old amusement park owners saying that they would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

And if you were to sit down and watch those classic cartoons today – you’d see a rash of violence bestowed upon the characters to each other: faces blown off, coyotes plummeting to their deaths, anvils falling from the sky.

Hunters on a mission to kill. Coyotes on a mission to kill. Yellow parakeets on a mission to kill. Giant roosters on a mission to torture a dog.

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Video fun: How to draw a butt. Big butts, little butts, wide butts, skinny butts

You know you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw a butt.

Everything Butt Art at the Zoo: What Can You Draw with a Butt?
Everything Butt Art at the Zoo:
What Can You Draw with a Butt?

How to draw GREAT BUTTS with just FIVE LINES

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Get your own custom Cartoon Character

Everybody knows someone who spent all day doodling on their school notebooks.

And once in a while, you’d look over and say, “hey – that looks cool.  Draw me!”   And that never actually turns out the way you’d think, like Jack drawing Rose on the Titanic.  It ends up something more… grotesque.

Learn to Draw Disney: Celebrated Characters Collection: Including your Disney/Pixar Favorites!
Learn to Draw Disney:
Celebrated Characters Collection: Including your Disney/Pixar Favorites!


What would Batman eat?

One thing about Superheroes – with all that spandex, certain body issues come into play.

Spiderman? Definitely.

Superman?  For sure.

The Hulk? Not so much.

But Batman – he has more issues than a subscription to LIFE magazine.

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Want kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? It’s all about cartoon marketing

Look, we all know that kids today are a little on the plump side.

They don’t like to exercise, they don’t like to eat anything but fast food.

Blame it on MTV, video games, and Ronald McDonald.

But there’s a reason for it – and it may have something to do with the same reason that Sugar Smacks had to be changed to just Smacks on the cereal aisle.

Funny Music TV Video

Video Fun: A Peanuts Musical Montage

Peanuts Holiday Collection Deluxe Edition (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / A Charlie Brown Christmas)
A Peanuts Holiday Collection

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, where CBS (and Fox, it seems this year) roll out their perennial ratings grabbers, the Charlie Brown specials.

But, thanks to some fancy editing, we bet you’ve never seen Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang like this:

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Decorating the office with Post-It Notes

Post-it Notes
Post-it Notes

When non-destructive, office pranks can be fun.

Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with inflated balloons?  Fun.  Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with Silly String?  A little bit of a mess to clean-up, and usually left to the victim to do so on their own.

Web Watch has even covered an entire office’s items in tin foil and wrapping paper.  Definitely time-consuming and an absolute waste of money, but entertaining.   The best one we did was sheetrocking over the boss’s office door and painting the wall so it looked like the office was never there in the first place.  Oh, we’re still laughing about that one.

But sometimes it’s nice to include others in your office shenanigans.

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Today’s swag: a “make your own” Disney animation desk kit

Learn to Draw Tigger
Learn to Draw Tigger

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the animation industry, whether it be for Disney or other cartoon-oriented companies, getting your own animation desk is almost always the first thing on an aspiring artist’s wish list.

While it’s not a usable version, you may want to check out this piece of swag sent to Web Watch from the fine folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Disney Animation Desk model assembled
Disney animator’s desk, assembled

Sure, it might be made of cardstock, but it’s the perfect item to assemble and use as inspiration while you work hard and try to achieve your dream job.

Disney Animation Desk model sheet
Walt Disney Animation Studios Desk model sheet

The text on the sheet reads:


From pencils to pixels, and digits to digital, we celebrate our pioneers, artists, and storytellers, and look ahead to a rich slate of exciting new projects covering a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.  The Disney drawing desk has been the starting point for some of our greatest stories, worlds and characters.  This model symbolizes our proud heritage, and marks the Studio’s continued goal of telling great stories using a wide range of styles and techniques