Would you buy Thomasville Furniture from the Back of a Truck?

Talking with some friends over lunch, they told us about a strange thing that happened to them at home the other night.

They were at home making dinner, when there was an unexpected knock on the door.  Outside, was a tractor trailer with the doors open wide. The side of the truck indicated that it was from Thomasville, North Carolina – home of some of the best furniture outlets around.

“We’re from Thomasville,” the man at the door said.  “Would you like to buy some of our furniture?”

Shopping the North Carolina Furniture Outlets: How to Save 50-80% on Your Next Furniture Purchase
Shopping the North Carolina Furniture Outlets:
How to Save 50-80% on Your Next Furniture Purchase

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Personal space: how close is TOO close?

Everybody knows somebody who likes to get a little bit too close when interacting with others.

Whether you like that person or not, you always find yourself taking a tiny step backwards whenever dealing with them, in order to increase – however slightly – the personal space felt between you and them.

Have you ever thought about that specific distance?  When it comes to maintaining your personal space, HOW CLOSE IS TOO CLOSE?

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Today’s swag: a “make your own” Disney animation desk kit

Learn to Draw Tigger
Learn to Draw Tigger

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the animation industry, whether it be for Disney or other cartoon-oriented companies, getting your own animation desk is almost always the first thing on an aspiring artist’s wish list.

While it’s not a usable version, you may want to check out this piece of swag sent to Web Watch from the fine folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Disney Animation Desk model assembled
Disney animator’s desk, assembled

Sure, it might be made of cardstock, but it’s the perfect item to assemble and use as inspiration while you work hard and try to achieve your dream job.

Disney Animation Desk model sheet
Walt Disney Animation Studios Desk model sheet

The text on the sheet reads:


From pencils to pixels, and digits to digital, we celebrate our pioneers, artists, and storytellers, and look ahead to a rich slate of exciting new projects covering a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.  The Disney drawing desk has been the starting point for some of our greatest stories, worlds and characters.  This model symbolizes our proud heritage, and marks the Studio’s continued goal of telling great stories using a wide range of styles and techniques