Would you buy Thomasville Furniture from the Back of a Truck?

Talking with some friends over lunch, they told us about a strange thing that happened to them at home the other night.

They were at home making dinner, when there was an unexpected knock on the door.  Outside, was a tractor trailer with the doors open wide. The side of the truck indicated that it was from Thomasville, North Carolina – home of some of the best furniture outlets around.

“We’re from Thomasville,” the man at the door said.  “Would you like to buy some of our furniture?”

Shopping the North Carolina Furniture Outlets: How to Save 50-80% on Your Next Furniture Purchase
Shopping the North Carolina Furniture Outlets:
How to Save 50-80% on Your Next Furniture Purchase

We’ll cut straight to the chase.

These guys may legitimately be selling furniture as a business rather than as a scam or casing your home for a later robbery — but they certainly are not telling the entire truth with what they’re advertising.

They are not selling you THOMASVILLE FURNITURE.  They’re trying to sell you THOMASVILLE FURNITURE.  It’s a minor difference, but a difference nonetheless.

What, wasn’t that clear enough for you?  Let us explain further:

They’re selling you furniture from Thomasville, North Carolina.  These odd door-to-door salesmen are not selling furniture from the Thomasville Furniture company itself.

It’s very likely that the furniture off the back of that truck is perfectly fine pieces of home decoration that you may enjoy of many years to come.  But it’s not associated with Thomasville, the company.  Just Thomasville, the town.

These unusual business practitioners have been around for so many years and have become such a particular pain in the side of the Thomasville Furniture company, that Thomasville has had to post an FAQ ON THEIR WEBSITE disclaiming all association with these folks:

Someone in my area claims they are selling Thomasville furniture off of a truck. Are they legitimate?

No, we have heard of situations like this and would like to caution you about this furniture. While the truck may say that it is from Thomasville (the city in North Carolina), the furniture is not made by Thomasville Furniture Industries. Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively in retail stores – from Thomasville Home Furnishings stores to authorized galleries and dealers. To find the store nearest you, please visit our online Store Finder

So make it easy on yourself.  Try not to purchase any furniture off the back of a truck.  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And the fewer people there are that take advantage of these type of operations will only make neighborhoods safer for everyone.

And besides – who’s ever heard of a door-to-door furniture salesman with “have it now!” furniture?  That’s just plain crazy.   Unless you’re one of those people who’ve bought furniture off the back of a truck.

If that’s the case, tell us about your experience in the comments below: